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  FOX News    Huckabee    News/Business. Mike Huckabee  
   comments on the news of the day. New.  

    May 19, 2013
    5:00 - 6:01pm PDT  

veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. i'm harris faulkner. huckabee in just moments. first, we are watching the severe are storm system bringing dangerous tornadoes across the central united states. we want to check in with the latest with meteorologist janice dean in the fox weather center. moments ago we had enormous touchdown and i'm seeing reports of damage. tell us where? >> south and east of oklahoma city. tornado watches in effect from oklahoma all the way up towards the western great lakes, harris. the worst of the damage right now occurring in oklahoma as the cells just erupt ahead of the cold front. these rogue supercells and when you are ahead of the cold front that is when we particularly see things start to get
dangerous in meteorology. there is shawnee. with it a confirmed tornado with the damage, extensive damage in the area of central oklahoma and then north of that another rogue supercell and with that the potential for rotating tornadoes. as well, moving up towards iowa. there is des moines. north of des moines, a supercell here developing with the potential of a tornado. see the pinks here? that is an indicator that we are seeing perhaps rain wrapped tornadoes, heavy rain as well as hail. you were talking to someone earlier with the grapefruit sized hail. we will continue to see that through the evening. as you can see in the yellows here, those are are severe thunderstorm warnings. we could see some straightline wind damage moving into kansas city and where you see the reds that is where we have the tornado warning. looks like a tornado warning for parts of oklahoma and into
kansas south of the wichita area and then into iowa. that is a new tornado warning. and this unfortunately is going be the scenario as we head into the overnight hours when people are are sleeping. noaa weather radios need to be on and pay close attention to your local fox stations. the severe threat again extending from the midwest down through the big bend of texas with sort of a focus on the red shaded area where we think all of those ingredients are going to come together for the hail, for the damaging winds, long lived tornadoes as well. very destructive tornadoes. we have seen the video all day. damage has been documented in parts of oklahoma and kansas and now as we move into iowa. heading into tomorrow doesn't move much. the system continues to move eastward. affects will little more population. chicago, green bay with the focus on oklahoma city and joplin. just on the anniversary of the
deadly tornado that devastated joplin, missouri. tuesday we will still be talking about this system unfortunately as we get more damage and head into the workweek. >> i got a tweet that someone wondered when the season would be over. we are just getting started. >> may is one of the typical months for tornadoes. we have been quiet because of the cold weather that actually tamped down on the tornado count. we have been into a tornado drought. a late start here but you may into june typically is when we see the active weather and right in the area that we typically see tornadoes. tornado alley is what they call it. >> we want to remind the viewers who tune in regularly nor our friend governor huckabee it is coming up moment hi. i want to point out to viewers where we are in the coverage right now. the time of the day that we don't like. this is when the sun is going down. more difficult to see these things. you mentioned some of rain wrapped. aside from that in the day time
when you live in the plains and i was a storm chaser for years in kansas city you see the monsters coming across the plains and at night you can't. this is the time of night where we have the responsibility to tell people in addition to the local authorities what is going on because the system is so broad. we will come back with more perspective in a moment. casey stegall we he have sent out into part of the path of this and interstate 35 cuts north from south to north through oklahoma and he is there now on the phone. casey? >> reporter: harris in fact we are 25 miles now south of norman, oklahoma. and i'm watching the radar on my smartphone. looks like a strong cell northeast of norman and that is certainly an area of concern and a breaking development coming in, one death now being reported in shawnee, oklahoma. that is about 40 miles southeast of oklahoma city and 40 miles east of norman.
apparently a death in a mobile home park. i have not had a chance to confirm that with officials on the ground although i just saw the american red cross out of oklahoma tweeting that they are deeply saddened and heartbroke ton learn of a fatality related to the storms because we have heard in the last several hours from the local officials, the mayor and people he that you have been speaking with on the air that there have been no reports really of injuries which is astonishing when you are seeing all of this video and seeing all of the dramatic pictures of the funnel clouds just coming down out of the sky and doing a tremendous amount of damage on the ground, ripping apart homes, crossing around the cars like -- tossing around the cars like toys. and up until this point we had not heard of any sort of injuries, serious injuries or fatalities but again breaking now, fox news channel is going to try and get this confirmed
that there is one death reported now, out of shawnee, oklahoma. that is the direction that we are heading. we he seen that there have been pictures coming out of there of cars that have been overturned. even in fact reports of some of the interstates in the area that had to be shut down because there are vehicles toppled around on the roadways. so obviously in this kind of a situation it is dangerous as we are heading into it. so we are trying to look at the radar and trying to look at the local reports from storm spotters, look at the reports coming in from obviously the local affiliates. we have been relying heavily on the fox affiliate in the oklahoma city area for much of the evening. they have been doing an outstanding job covering this. we have to figure out the best way to get into the spots to bring you information and bring you pictures but also, of course, not putting ourselves in harm's way. harris, incredible. seeing reports from social
media there could be upwards of 14-15 tornadoes generated in oklahoma in the last four hours. of course, the national weather service has to officially confirm that information but you just really scary frightening night even though forecasters have been talking about this for days now. >> well, and people are heeding the warnings from all this. we are looking right now, confirmation of a touchdown in the middle of the screen. happened a short time ago, norman, oklahoma. some of the areas, casey, it is so hard to put our minds around us because the sky is clear and now we are are watching the same areas again and watching twisters fall out of the sky in some of the same areas as you have described and janice dean hastie scribed the danger zone is more of a whirling and a swirling rather than the storm moves north and moves out of your area. as i'm he watching now we are efforting to get the mayor of shawnee. we he have various reports of
vast damage in the area and janice dean was just on with us moments guy to say that she had deep concern for this area and now as try to confirm and have one death in shawnee, oklahoma. casey, i know that you are making your way there right now. what are the immediate conditions you are feeling? >> you know what is crazy? it is sunny. the sun is shining. is is sunset so the sun is starting to go down. i was describing when i was on the air with you 20 minutes or so. these tornadoes are isolated. late rally blue skies and ten miles from that spot have a tornado coming out of the sky. we are not even seeing rain where we are. we are certainly heading right into this so we will keep you updated as soon as we start to see our conditions deer toor rating.
real quickly the most damage reported now near lake thunderbird which is east of norman. reports of some now 100 homes damaged there. >> that is an enormous number and this system is starting to do exactly what it was predicted to do and that is terrible news to hear. but you are bringing us the news as it happens. reports of more than 100 homes in one area damaged and one death confirmed in all of this. casey, we will check back with you as you make your way by car now toward the worst parts of this storm system. on the phone right now greg carbon with the storm prediction center, noaa as we call it. greg, are you with us? >> may have lost the signal. greg iraq you with us? >> yes, about hello, good evening. >> we're watching a situation right now and i know was predicted. can you talk with me at all about shawnee, oklahoma and
what might have hit the area? >> the storm prediction center is located in norman, oklahoma. the storm formed right over us this afternoon. a tornado didn't touch down east of the city of norman. what you are seeing now is damage and destruction left in the wake of the tornado as it moved across interstate 40 and has won to the east. another tornado in edmond, oklahoma today and damage all the way up through you eastern kansas and high winds started to move into the kansas city area as well. >> when people watch this, it is kind of hard to understand. is this all one storm? or is this masses of storms coming together? >> it depends on what scale you look at. if you are looking at a large-scale system in the atmosphere and it produces a lot of lift but the tornado itself with an individual thunderstorm. the thunderstorms are strung out from oklahoma city to wichita to kansas city all the
way up into iowa and minnesota today. all part of a larger weather system with the most intense weather with the individual thunderstorms. >> all right. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration has its own weather division and greg carbon is joining us from that. talk with me about what the next hour or so can look like. the last hour we thought we saw you blue skies in areas and it has done nothing but you get worse. >> the sun is out here in norman now, too. i heard your reporter talking about the sun breaking out. this tornado that went through the oklahoma city area this southernmost storm the storm i was just talking about. i think in the next couple of hours we will see all of the storms begin to weaken. that tends to happen. we go into the night time hours and lose the heating and instability of the day and storms weaken overnight. >> any chance of this maybe not
happening tomorrow? i mean you hear about storm systems just not coming together. this one, though, seems to be holding. >> well, we been in a very unusual may through the middle of the month, very little tornado activ in it fact, record low levels of activity and we switched the switch on now in the weather and this is not unusual for the middle of may in the plains. it looks like we are on day number two out of at least three. tomorrow will be another busy day. hopefully not as intense as what we saw today. >> greg carbin with the noaa weather division. looks like a lot of the predict predictions have come true no matter how much we don't want them to. we have is lost at least one person tonight and there are untold counts of damage and at least one area h hit pretty hard. greg, thank you.
that is in shaw you knee, oklahoma. quickly go back to fox 25 as we take you out of here and huckabee is coming up shortly. this is our fox affiliate in oklahoma city and the red on the map is still very thick. >> falling from the sky. not the a surprise at all. >> no. >> so michelle, put the reflectivity back on. the velocity is not helping at all. looks like shawn bayliss is right here in the hail. >> we have been dipping in and out of the local fox affiliate there doing a great job to keep us informed. people in harm's way. lost one person to a death. now, "huckabee" and more updates throughout the night.
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>> we're back with an exclusive with katherine. katherine, we talked about your organization through the vote. you train poll watchers and in the course of that did you find
voter fraud? >> we found causes for concern all over the country. it is something that most people didn't expect there is fraud related crimes in 36 states in the last 18 months. it is a topic that needs far more inspection and maybe that's the reason that so much inspection is put on us right now. >> the interesting thing, i want to clarify for our audience. you were not advocating for a particular candidate or out come just for the elections to be conducted to the strict letter of the law; am i correct on that? >> that is correct. there are many ways the citizens can serve in the process and we felt it was a great thing to encourage people to be involved in our process of elections and we still maintain that sais
a good and a right and that american thing to do. >> so you file these papers and what was the first contact you had from the irs and what did they want to know? >> the first contact we had from the irs, the first general round of questions, they wanted to know things like we want to see every facebook posted and tweet you tweeted. we want to know where you have spoken insthe inception of the organization and to whom and what you said and what you intend. at some point those questions cross the line. >> we have seen a picture. this is a picture of a note bock with all of the different filings and all of the different requests that you have had that you had to submit to the irs, is that accurate? it is tall as a soda can. and that's what hay asked you
for? >> that is one round. we are asked hundreds of questions. and what was the most intrusive questions that were posed to you? >> i think the questions that wanted to know more about my future intent and my family. i started all of this because i wanted to create a better future for our children and the thought that our dpft is asking specific and personal questions about my future intentions makes me uncomfortable. >> you file with the irs and then hearing from fbi and other ba tf. what did they want to know? >> all manner of things. the fbi was interested in the people who were coming to our programs. the burrow wanteditous open our
safes and take our cereal. >> they asked you to open your safe at home? >> oh, no, no, let me make it clear. we have a license that as a manufacturer that we could make gun parts if we chose to. we don't do that and it is important to note that the agencies like ocea came in, have the authority to do so. what is concerning though is the rapid succession of the visits, the extensive and unplanned audits upon their a arrival and the fact that in 20 years of business we never saw exclusive those agencies. >> 20 years none of these people show up at your door and you file an application with the irs, and suddenly, you have how many visits, how many visits from federal agencies since that time? >> we've had 17 interactions and
i am counting the rounds of questioning with the irs. but 17. >> unbelievable. >> katherine, you have had a choice to stay silent or speak out about what happened and you want you to come back after the break and talk about why you chose to speak out. we'll ask katherine that question when we return. flying is old hat for business travelers. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving. [ mom ] for big girl jobs there's bounty select-a-size.
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for a store near you go to >> we are back with katherine in an exclusive report for huckabee. now katherine, we were talking about why you came forward. why did you open up and start talking about what appears to most of us to be a form of harrassment from the federal government? >> well, governor, i department have intention on coming
forward. i really thought that the best way i could protect my family would be to keep my head down. and when the burea u of alcohol and firearms came the second time, i said this is gone too far and we put together a time line with no idea that just a few weeks later the irs would come out to admit to targeting organizations that had pro liberty values. what has now occurred to me is that the best way i can protect my family is to come forward and bring my story to the american people. i submit that there are thousands more with stories just like mine to tell and i hope that they will tell them because i are in an important time in the life of our country and we need to get the truth. >> let's talk about what it
costs you. you had to hire attorneys and accountants to go through the roars and answer all of the questions. you talk about one round. note bock high as a soda can, you have any estimate of how much it cost you and your family, not to defend yourself against criminal charges, but to answer a relentless series of government questions? >> the scope of all that we have been through probably come in to the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. but what is incal can youable. if you don't have a nonprofit status to apply you to a ploy for grants and found augustses to work with you. you have a limited affect on the capacitty to do what you want to do. it is a struggle. >> congressman brady brought your case before the house ways
and means committee. did you know in advance he would use your case as an example in? >> i didn't know that. i knew my time line was in the capitol and i knew people are talking about it. and the truth came out and i will stand by everything that is said and i look forward to talk in greater detail about what we have been through. >> if you don't get a status for true the vote, what does that mean for the org, inability to get grants and people contributing to the organization, there is no tax deduction and it makes it difficult to continue forward with the effort to eliminating voter fraud. >> yes, i mean, it will top to be a challenge and certainly that determination would make it much easier. one thing i learned in three
years of being involved in the way i have been in a grassroots level, i have learned that americans will stand for the side of truth. they will stand. even if that means we don't have a determination that allows us to go to foundation, i believe that american citizens will be ready to stand for election integrity. and that's all we need. >> do you feel hounded by the federal government and made your life a living hell pause they had resources and unlimited power to do it? >> i believe and i feel that what we have been through understand for a reason. and yes, it is not been fun. that is to be sure. but i think that our role is to be messengers and bring focus to a larger debate that we need to
be having in the country. citizens should not foretheir government. if in fact the federal government is making a coordinated effort to single out individual citizens, then that is a problem transcends party politics and speaks right to the heart of what we are as a representative republic. it is something that whether you have an r, d, or i by your name you should be on concerned if your government gets out of line and targeting. >> katherine thank you very much for talkingbout the case. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> this is exactly the kind of
thing i was talking about earlier, when federal agencies show up in your doorstep and costing you what she said hundreds of thousands of dollars, what citizen can stand up against that? individually probably not anybody. but together we must and this is why i hope people in the political spectrum will it happens to someone else, it can happen to me and it can happen to you. if we don't stop it, it will happen to all of us. it must stop. the official in charge of the department that harassed katherine and other tax exempt applicants, that person is in charge of the office responsible for obama care. i will ask ram why are twice as many people choosing verizon over any other carrier?
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we have been able to confirm one death at least and this report coming out of shawnee, oklahoma. we learned this in the last hour on fox report in the extended cover and through h huckabee tonight and we want to take you live. first live pictures coming in from the areas hit hardest. oh, my goodness. this is wellston, oklahoma. moments ago we saw destruction in shawnee where they had at least one person die in all of this. it has been obliterated. look at your screen. we knew it was bad. we knew you it was coming. the prediction center told us this would happen. meteorologist janice dean is standing by. janice, the first look now at what you saw, the rain wrapped tornadoes dropping stuff from the sky. we didn't know what it would leave behind and now we know. this is one of the first tornado reports we got this afternoon, heharris, in wellstn
and the damage is devastating. we hope that all those folks took shelter but we are hearing reports in oklahoma as well as kansas that neighborhoods have been devastated unfortunately. so we he are going to continue to see these reports and the warnings will continue throughout the evening. we are just hoping people are heeding the warnings. we will quick, watches in effect, for parts of oklahoma all the way up to the western great lakes. we have joe ongoing tornado warnings. you mentioned shawnee, oklahoma where we have extensive damage. there is shawnee and north and east of that the cell is holding together and with that we have a tornado warned storm. the storms continue up towards kansas even into iowa and parts of minnesota. we will continue to bring you the coverage throughout the evening, harris. >> i'm harris faulkner. back with more weather updates and a special at 10:00 p.m. eastern. to abuse their political oppons and so i think they will find really a lot of people are upset with
this, not just republicans but a lot of people worry about a government that powerful. >> most democrats were incensed that the irs would beoused as a political . they are circling the wagons and said those organizations needed to be investigated and even in the hearings where stephen miller was before the house ways and means committee. demdeps are asking questions that only mistakes were made and nothing was intentional and is that credible? >> no. peggy had a article in the wall street journal and talked about well is not any likelihood that it was random. they were asking people for what bocks they read and what speeches they gay and thoughts about different political candidates and the level of this, there is no way there is not a paper trail on this. i am assuming and this is the government, nothing just sort of
understand spontaneously. i guarantee you there is a paper trail a couple of inches thick approving the process and there is documentation that people were targeting simply for showing the concern about the direction of government and showing opposition to government policies. >> you know tis almost as if the phrase would be show me your papers and that is what rings in all of this. this is one of several controversies that the president is facing. give us a grade on how president obama faces up to benghazi, the ap controversey and the irs controversy. >> when i think of assessing the president's response to having the enormous power, i think what lincoln said. any man can stand adversity. but if you want to test a man give him power. the power of the commander in chief, we hope we can trust that man or woman to restrain themselves from abusing power.
we have laws to restrain it, but you need a president that restrains himself and not abuse that power. some argue that he probably didn't get involved in the nitty-gritty of an irs. it is setting up a culture that by all means go after your enemies and we'll use it. romney's irs records were apparently leaked by somebody and used in discussion points by democrat s and that is a serious question to unite republicans and democrats, i am a republican, but i don't want republicans in the president see investigating them and democrats. >> senator, stay with us, we want to come back and get more, including the comments you made recently about former secretary ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium.
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each weekday hear my commentary. details at >> senator, in all of the happenings on capitol hill, the president seeps to distance himself from the controversies and make it seems like he is no knowledge and outraged as anyone else. do you find that response to the controversies. >> it is a misdirection and
trying to lay blame on people other than yourself. if you are a leader your cullability may be with the decisions made pelow. hillary clinton is precisely the point. puss buzz pickering said we absofsh her of not providing security in penning bengbecause the decisions were made beneath the level of the secretary of state. show should have been involved. libya is one of the five most dangerous posts on earth. and when they asked for security, she let underlings make the decision that is a real mistake. i question how much involvement she had in the aftermath. her frents are all over the talking points that were altered. her spokesman said we test from being present based o
her handling of benghazi. >> the american public will decide that. but when bill clinton had a problem less a shton was asked before the attack for more armorred personnel and military back up and support and he denoticed it and he resigned in disgrace. the situation with hillary clinton they asked for additional help for six months. she didn't have money or time for libya or benghazi but sending hundred thousand to put a electricam charging station in the ambassador's resident and sending hundred thousand on a comedian tour. and indian american to make chi
and not war tour. they had 80 million on a conulate that will never be opened because they built it in the mitted of the city and there are balconies that could be shooting down on the embassy and that is a lack of leadership. demdeps say it is political theater. and the republicans are interested in the political advantage for 2014 and all of the accusations and questions just point to election and political advantage. respond to that, senator? >> i don't think we have gotten to the root of the problem in benghazi. i said the review board missed one essential fact. benghazi is not paris. benghazi should never have been under state department control and should have been under the military command and control. i still that is true. i think that the libyan government and host government
is not capable of guarding our ambassador or embassy. look who was guarding. look who hillary clinton decided to use to guard the ambassador. a unofficial militia who hightailed it out of there. they were gone when the shots started to be fired. we have embassies and typically the host country is responsible for protecting them. in a war- torn area we should have a military presence to defend our ambassador or we shouldn't be there. i am fearful that is enough unstable that something like this could happen again. >> senator, it is a pleasure to have you here. have a great weekend. >>ine the president said he's outraged over the irs targeting terrorist terrorist groups and coming up. something who said they were something who said they were just doing their head & shoulders and old spice are now together in one bottle.
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>> i wou >> i would like to thank reggie brown for his impersonation of president obama at the opening of the show. if you would like information how to book reggie for private events go to i am reggie the real president and his administration are always quick to dismiss any criticism that comes from this network. as we showed you at the top of the show, the heat has been coming in from all sides even one of the president's biggest fans in the media chris matthews is questioning his leadership. what part of the president ee does obama like. he doesn't like dealing with members of the congress his own cabinet. he doesn't particularly like the press. what part of it does he like? he likes to rewrite what fab and the others wrote on the first
draft. what part does he like? he likes going on the road to visit businesses. what part does he like? he doesn't like lobbying for the bills he cares about, doesn't like eling fselling to the pres people do getting stories out there. does he like giving orders? he doesn't seem to like to be an executive. >> wow. >> it remind me about the great blues song by bibi kings the thrill is gone. above the ellie missile and tara seth meyer. great to have you guys here. the person in charge of the irs division that was targeting conservative groups is not going to handle the healthcare part of obama care of the irs how concerned should americans be? >> they should be very concerned. they should be concerned obama care is rammed through congress
in the first place. now that people are paying attention and realizing i am paying how much in taxes it's going to cost us how much? irs is the most feared agency in the world next to the kbg. they are forcing everyone to have health insurance. it is a disaster. this woman got 103,000 dollars in bonuses tax payer funded money and she was promoted and she over saw the targeting of conservative groups and religious groups and she is getting basically a promotion. you are telling me no one is getting on here? >> before the weighs and means committee said with a straight face the reason it was happening is because they were trying to be so efficient. >> what's the promotion point. steven miller was fired he's gone. i understand obama does not -- did not take him out in the middle of times square and following him like people maybe
would want but he is gone. i think this is a fair link. when you apply to tax exempt status can we not ask a question whether or not your application is correct. they do it correctly? no. perhaps a bit over zealous. >> we as taxpayers in the irs we get to have a convenient excuse sore he whii didn't know. they would take your business take your bank account. >> i don't think it would be in the purview of the irs it would be in the purview of congress. if the do nothing congress had acted and given us a guideline as to what constitutes a terrorist organization or not. >> let me ask you this. here is the question. the problem is not that they went through the forms and were diligent they were only diligent with one side they didn't put
that to left wing groups. >> there are a lot of progressive groups in texas saying i didn't know it was illegal for the irs to ask me at that question. the plan that has gotten parted san on what constitutes a terrorist organization and political organization. i was saying giving coupons to hungry people that has been politicized, food stamps have been politicized if we can't agree food stamps are charity congress should be making this decision. >> we can have a different discussion about whether tax codes can be what it is this is what it is. i would like someone to come out and say what muslim groups were targeted this way whether muslims ask for prayers they pray no. what one progressive organization like acorn and all of these social justice organizations where they ask
what prayers they pray. don't deflect away and blame the tax code. >> i generally don't think, two wrongs generally don't make a right. let's go after muslims now. >> i didn't say that. that's not what i said. can we maim that happening? no we didn't. the point to the governor was it was a one-sided clearly targeted thing for people who didn't agree with this administration the one who didn't agree with the administration policy of israel and questioning the government's over reach. >> they would have been held accountable for that. >> it's a convenient resignation. >> are you interested in fixing the problem. if you are interested in fixing the problem the focus needs to be on congress. if you are interested in siting blame obama can take people to
times square. it is not either or. it is accountability. the government is supposed to be accountable to the people. in this instance they need to be accountable. congress has been trying to fix the tax law. >> we have to discuss it. >> both of you i want to say thanks for being here. you brought up the fair tax. here's why it would be wonderful. not only does it transform the economy more importantly it gets rid of the irs. you don't have these bureaucrats deciding on what's right and what's wrong. you have to have both of you you got us back. this is kind of fun. we will sell tickets. this will be wonderful. >> ellie always a pleasure to have you. terri great to have you with us tonight. there is much more to be talked about as to whether the irs can
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